Client Testimonials

I would like to praise Anni for all the help she has given me. To me she is better than a doctor. I have suffered with back and leg pain for 22 years. I have been to several doctors, all telling me I have fibromyalgia, a painful muscle disease. I have been on pain medication, muscle relaxers, and anti inflammatory medications for several years now. The muscles in my back and neck get so tight I want to scream. The medicine helps, but it never takes the problem away. I was searching the web for a massage therapist when I ran across Anni's site. I read that she can perform deep tissue massage. I have been so desperate at times for help I decided to give it a try. I could not believe the way I felt when I left my appointment! She has a gift of special techniques to loosen the muscles and remove the knots from my back. I was totally amazed at how she worked the knots out of my back. Like I said, I have been in pain for 22 years, and she has helped me have a pain free life now! Fibromyalgia does not go away, but seeing Anni once a month will keep my muscles loose and pain free. If you have problems similar to mine, give Anni a try. You too will be amazed at what she can do for you!

-Lorinda Cearing

There are really no words to describe how in-tune your whole body, mind and soul feel when Anni works on you. Her unique combination of skills, combined with her loving concern for each and every client, simply dissolves stress and tension. It is amazing!

-Dyane Roesel
Mother of six children
When my doctor told me that I needed physical therapy or massage therapy, I started to try different places. I kept going back to this place called TLC. No other massage therapy places were so wonderful or should I say no other massage therapists were as good.

I can't wait until my appointments now. Anni Miller is the greatest! Her room is in her home and quiet and restful, so restful that I usually fall asleep. She has really helped me with the pain in my neck, back and shoulders. I have been going to her for about 7 years now. I have bought several gift certificates for my family, friends like my pastors wife, and now I take my grandson who is 8. The people who work with him think it is a very good thing to help him how to relax so he can get to sleep. He even falls asleep while she works on him.

When my daughter was about 8 she would go around and give people back rubs. They told her she has "magic fingers". Well, Anni truly has "magic fingers". She believes she has been given a gift of love in her hands to help people with and I believe she has, too.

She still takes new clients by referal but please save time for me and my grandson, Anni."

Several years ago I was scheduled for surgery to cure a painful frozen shoulder problem. A few weeks before the surgery my wife won a drawing for a free massage from Anni, and that is how I met her. After that first massage my frozen shoulder immediately felt much better, and this convinced both me and my surgeon, that surgery wasnt needed after all. AFter several weeks of treatment by both Anni and a physical therapist my shoulder returned to normal. I now see Anni as often as I can, especially whenever I experience the first signs of a shoulder problem returning. I am greatful to Anni for saving me from a painful and unnecessary surgery and I recommend her very strongly.

Ephraim Fischback Ph.D.

Professor of Physics, Purdue University

"Anni is the expert in massage therapy and after just one session with her the relief and peace your body feels is amazing. Don't hesitate to make an appointment with this wonderfully, gifted therapist. Your body will thank you for it!"

With gratitude,

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